So I had an idea about 8 months ago to  start a blog in order to hold myself accountable for some new goals that I had; needless to say it did not work. I have very little will power or that drive that enables most to succeed. My goals were not the easiest to accomplish but at the time they were important to me.

Let’s take a look at where I am now.

My first goal was to try and be better with planning meals (lunch & dinner). Although I continue to pack a lunch daily and try not to eat out too much, I am far from organized with my weekly routine. I do cook meals often and bring leftovers but I would like to be even more organized. I aspire to organize my lunches and dinners on Sunday, preparing, chopping and ziplocing my groceries. The problem arises when I do not tend to be around all weekend. I work ALOT and therefore am not home for any extended periods of time on the weekend. I also tend to be a “party pants” which means I am social. I like to visit with friends and make the most of my life. Trust me when I say I have calmed down immensely from a few years back. Maybe when Autumn begins I will become more dedicated to this goal but in the meantime I will continue to pack my lunches with leftovers as well as stay away from take-away foods. I will admit that Thursday night I will eat at the pub.

My second goal was to become more fit. This goal of mine is coming along great. I started running in January.  I joined a fun/social running club which is a great night out each week. When I began I could run no more than 1 mile. I continued to run one day a week and a little on the treadmill. I eventually was able to complete a 5 k in March without stopping. Although I did complete my first 5K, I still did not consider myself a runner. This 5K was very fun, a run through wet grass at a nearby Hurling field. I completed the race and as I was a newbie I did not know all the “rules”. They timed me at 32:08 but this was after I ran to my table to get my tag (it was not chip timed race). I now realize that this time was not too bad for my first run as I continue to be somewhat slow at a 10:00 – 10:30 pace.

After my first 5K with my friends Colleen and Michele

I won my next race entry from my “Run to the Pub” running club. I decided to push myself and do a 10K. This race was much harder for me as I had to walk a couple blocks.   I completed this race 1:06:26 which is closer to an 11:00 pace but I did finish. This was a huge accomplishment for me and led me to realize how much I love to run.

Ridge Run 10K May 26, 2014

After much contemplation I decided to start running on Saturday mornings with a running shop group which is close to home. The minimum of this group is 4 miles and I have successfully been able to keep up each week at my desired 10:30 pace. Last week I was able to run 7 miles! Wow is all I can say; the body is amazing. I now try to run a few times a week but I did have a set back before July 4th due to excruciating hip and calf pain. I am now feeling better, it is the first time in over a month that I run pain free although I do feel a little bit of pain in my left leg, but this is nothing compared to a few weeks ago.  I am so happy I started my Saturday run, this group was so welcoming and nonjudgmental.  The funniest part of my Saturday run is that I wake up at 5am, I cannot wake up this early during the week as I try on a daily basis to work out in the am-FAILURE! I continue to set new running goals; I am going for distance not time. I will worry about time in my future just not know. Please do understand that I have NEVER been an athlete. I started running at the age of 44 and I find it quite hysterical that I am considered a “Master” runner but far from a Master. LOL

My first day at Running Excels (back, right)

The last goal and probably the most important is my smoking habit. I have improved but I need to QUIT. First off please understand that the reason I run is to be healthy, I am not looking to be thin although it would be nice if I fit in my clothes more comfortable but I am heavier now than I have been in a  long time. I am a dietitian who loves food and has not yet “mastered” the art of portion control (we shall talk about that another time).  I have cut back on my cigarette smoking and only smoke when I indulge in alcoholic beverages which tends to be every Saturday. I usually will give my leftover smokes to the homeless men on the corners since I cannot hide them (as I previously stated,  I do not have will power) but I  really need to end this addiction quickly. I cannot even begin to imagine how much better my cardiovascular system would perform without cigarettes. So this blog is to hold me accountable for attaining my goals. I will hopefully begin to be more competitive with myself as I believe this is an attribute that allows people to be successful with themselves.

So to reiterate my goals I will be smoke free by my 45th birthday (1 month away), I will complete a half by September 7th (distance is my goal not time) and I will become more organized with my cooking/prepping food skills by October 31st.

I’ll be back soon!




In the Beginning

So there I was on a Friday night, eating taco salad (amazing if I may add!) at my BFF’s house (we’ll call her Nikole).  Now normally in my world, things do not get much better than food but I’ll have to say I did receive THE BEST phone call in quite some time. It now became the highlight of the night. I have been anticipating this call for a LONG time. As I hung up the phone I immediately understood that I am so much better than I believe myself to be. This simple call made me love myself again.

Now I am not sure if it was actually the phone call that caused this or the years leading up to this. What I do know is that I surround myself with people who have faith in me and NEVER make me feel less than I am. “Why would they” you ask? Trust me some people have a way of bringing you down-NO MORE! NO MORE I SAY!

So as I was patiently waiting on this phone call, I patiently.began making promises to myself (I’ve been told that I have the patience of Job). These promises were mainly about how I am going to become a healthier person. I desperately need to quit smoking, I need to become a bit more fit and I need to spend more time preparing my lunches and dinners. I currently bring a lunch everyday that usually consists of kale, spinach, lettuce, peppers, olives and sunflower seeds. I occasionally make my own “Daddy dressing”. I don’t stray much except when I eat hummus or tuna. Although I do love this food, I need to change things up so I get a better variety of nutrients.

So the journey that I am going to take you on will be about healthier eating, greater endurance and nicotine withdrawal. Bear with my writing style and let me help you with the promises you have made to yourself.